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Indonesia is a fascinating country undergoing quite remarkable changes as the awakening giant of the South-east Asian region.

The rapid development of the island of Batam is an example of the vigour and  optimism powering growth throughout the archipelago.

Here are some useful links, where you will find current facts, figures, commentary and general information on living, working and doing business in Batam and Indonesia.


Useful Links - Indonesia & Batam

Living in Indonesia

This ambitious and excellent site offers much useful and interesting information on Indonesia, with essays covering history, culture, politics, visas, the bureaucracy, the law, the economy, doing business, the regions,  and more.


This site has been providing information for resident and prospective expatriates since 1997, with a main focus on Jakarta. It consists mainly of contributions from veteran and newer expatriate residents based on their experiences. It includes useful forums.

Okusi Associates

The website of one of the leading independent consultancies providing business and management advice to foreign companies establishing in Indonesia. Okusi services include company establishment, immigration matters, company and tax reporting, licensing, property acquisitions etc. The site has informative essays on Doing Business in Indonesia and the Land Laws plus useful links.

World Factbook

Select The World Factbook from the Redirect page then select Indonesia from the Select a Country or Location menu. This is a very comprehensive summary of key publicly issued official statistics. It is current, thorough, reliable and comprehensive.

World Atlas

Scroll down to a brief general and historical profile of Indonesia, together with maps.

Nations Online

Summary profile of Indonesia, plus many useful links for general and specific information on Indonesia. Some of the profile material and statistics somewhat dated.

Library of Congress

This is a link to a downloadable profile compiled by the Federal Research Division of the U.S. Library of Congress. Comprehensive, but some material out of date.

Riau Islands Free Trade Zones

This site offers comprehensive and fairly current information covering the special economic zones of Batam, Bintan and Karimun. The emphasis is on economics but there is also political, social and historical background in English. Go to the Overview tab for good general information on Batam and other nearby locations.

Batam Indonesia Free Trade Zone Authority

This site is a mixed bag sponsored by the Special Economic Zone authorities with occasionally tortured English but it contains some useful and current statistical material and tables for those interested enough to work their way through it. Start at the Statistik tab.

East Asia Forum

This site has current and informative articles and analysis on Indonesia’s economic, political and social development. Here are links to recent essays on Indonesia’s growing economic power, its new status on the world stage and its changing power relationship with close neighbour Australia.

Ken - the Vagabond Traveller

For a whimsical account of day-to-day living in Smiling Hill, Batam and Indonesia in general, check out the on-going blog of our own Ken Anderberg - topical and interesting impressions from a relative newcomer with lots of colorful photographs.


Anklung performance Bandung.jpg

Children at the Anklung school in Bandung, Java create wonderful music with traditional instruments. CLICK HERE for a sample.

Rice Table.jpg

A spectacular Indonesian Rijsttafel or rice table feast. CLICK HERE to learn more.

National Monument.jpg

New Year’s eve at MONAS - the Indonesian national monument in Medan Merdeka or Freedom Place, Jakarta. The flame on top is covered in real gold. CLICK HERE for it’s story.

Indonesian dancers.jpg

Traditional Indonesian dance - grace, style and beauty.

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Ken Anderberg - vagabond traveller, and now living at Smiling Hill