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Goodies Customer Reviews
Goodies Restaurant on Batam Island is top rated by TripAdvisor. Here are some customer comments:
EVERY time I’m in Batam, there’s only one place to eat, and that’s Goodies. Great Food. Great people. Just such a Great place.
LOVELY place to visit. Staff are excellent and friendly, Food fantastic. For me, a great place to relax and enjoy the surroundings, Very nice bar and the locals (expats) are great company. I enjoyed my recent stay and will return soon.
Top Rated
GOODIES Restaurant is a wonderful place and serves great food. The atmosphere is incredible! The staff is incredible and so very friendly, and the food is Amazing! The chefs are amazing. I had a blast and will be talking about this restaurant to everyone. I flew from Houston TX (USA) and stayed at the Goodies Restaurant for a whole month. I was amazed with their attention to detail and quality in everything they did. Their steadfast values, along with a top-notch team, have kept satisfied guests coming back. I love the place! And will definitely be going back. I have travelled all over the world, and have eaten at thousands of restaurants, but Goodies Restaurant is the best place I have ever been. There is only one way to describe Goodies, and that it is: Amazingly Excellent!
MY FRIENDS and I went to Goodies for dinner. The restaurant sits on Smiling Hill and the view on the way up is awesome. Goodies is tucked away in a beautiful little suburb called Batu Ampar. The restaurant surrounds a swimming pool and there are different eating areas. Quite romantic at night. The menu is extensive and even includes a BBQ. Food was good and the staff was very helpful and friendly.
GOODIES staff earns high marks from customers for their friendly and prompt service.
WE REALLY enjoyed the food and it was very tasty. It was really an amazing experience for me. There was a wide variety of foods.
BEEN HERE a few times now for lunch with colleagues. Very extensive menu with lots of very tasty food. I would definitely recommend the bonza burger.
THIS IS one of our favorite Batam restaurants. With our children we especially love the morning brunch (served every day) as the menu is huge, includes much of our favorite western selections, and the 2 pools right next to the dining areas are very clean and fun for the kids. This is one of the only spots in town that serves real bacon :-) and other western treats. Kids
love the pancakes and the new Eggs Benedict is a major score. The restaurant also has killer dinner menu and it's a popular expat spot. There are several large screen TVs with huge satellite selections, so we watch a lot of sports specials from back home here. The management is always very accommodating. Service is great and in English. Overall atmosphere is very chill and it's a wonderful place to relax. We enjoy many weekend mornings with the family at Goody's. And many date nights, too!
Eggs Benedict
THIS IS my favourite choice of both accommodation and meals when I visit Batam. Well maintained swimming pool. 
GOODIES is in a unique location, which gives you a holiday kind of feeling. Inside and outside seating around the pool and a big restaurant area for groups. Food from all over the world is on the menu. The staff is very friendly and helpful. This place is ideal for meetings, parties, weddings etc. Special occasions from every continent are celebrated in style with all the decorations and trimmings! Great place for locals and expats. I am a regular visitor and was also there on Valentine’s Day, which was superbly organised, with drinks, special menu and a lovely framed photograph to take away.
GOODIES has great western and Indo food. Best spot for fun dinner in Nagoya, Batam. Great staff and fun people are around all the time. Always have great sports events on the big screen. Need to get up the hill to Goodies to have good food or have relaxing drink!
MY WIFE and I travel over to Batam every couple of months for weekend getaways from Singapore and always stay at the Smiling Hill Hotel, next to Goodies. We enjoy the food and variety so much that we usually have all of our meals at Goodies for the entire weekend. They offer an excellent variety, with reasonable prices and generous portion sizes. I highly recommend Goodies for a great meal, or entire weekend.
I’VE SPENT many months in Batam over the years. I cannot claim to have dined in all of the better four-star hotel restaurants in this city, but I do know that Goodies is the premier place, serving very tasty, moderately priced western fare in Batam. These include stews, roasts, pizzas, hamburgers, sandwiches, and seafood. Beer is fairly priced, English is understood, and service is prompt. The atmosphere is informal. I like the breakfasts, and eating lunch by the pool. If you like to watch sports -  there is a large screen TV. Washrooms are clean. There is no air conditioning; however, the restaurant receives a nice cool breeze due to the higher elevation above Nagoya.
AS A resident of Batam, it is refreshing to dine at a establishment that offers quality food and drink. For both Eastern and Western palettes, the menu is extremely diverse and the food is cooked to perfection. Goodies makes it their policy to offer great value and a menu that keeps the homesickness (expats) at bay. Highly recommended by this patron.
GOODIES is an absolute gem on Batam, Indonesia. Not only does it cater for all tastes in food, which are both inexpensive and delicious, but also offers fantastic sports and entertainment for all customers. The staff is family friendly and I particularly enjoyed the expat banter and community spirit. The pool is beautiful and maintained to a very high degree. Families are welcomed and live entertainment is often available at no extra charge. I would rate Goodies as extremely high and an absolute must if you visit the island. Wonderful atmosphere, top food and entertainment and extremely friendly staff. Miss it, miss out.
GOODIES Restaurant is part of the Smiling Hill Complex. I have stayed at Smiling Hill on three occasions and whilst I have eaten at other places on
Goodies is a great venue for weddings, birthdays, corporate meetings and other events.
Goodies is a favorite of Batam expats.
the island, I always came back to Goodies Restaurant for the majority of my meals. If you're someone who likes tasty, high-quality, wholesome food then Goodies is the place for you! There's a huge menu with styles from several continents and it’s often difficult to decide what to have for your meal.
One warning, you need a good appetite when eating at Goodies as the portions are big! But whatever the size of it, there wasn't one occasion when I didn't enjoy what I'd ordered ... lovely food!
The restaurant itself allows the customer to mix with the friendly crowd or eat by himself if he wants a bit of peace and quiet. There are also tables surrounding the lovely pool area and it’s a very pleasant experience sitting there at a candlelit table having food and drink during a nice warm evening, the perfect place for a romantic meal for two.
Finally, the place is served by a group of young ladies who are the kindest and loveliest people you could meet. Part of the charm of the place was having quick chats with the staff (it made Goodies feel like a home from home) and I now count some of them as friends. So do yourself a favour, if you’re in the area pop in and try it, you won’t be disappointed, good food...and it’s so cheap!
A HIDDEN gem, not so easy to find! Goodies Restaurant has a commanding view of the surrounding areas from near the summit of Bukit Senyum (Smiling Hill). Good food, good friends and good times. Doug and his staff always make you feel welcome. Visit soon, you won't be disappointed.
GREAT FOOD in a relaxed comfortable environment. The staff here provide a comfortable, friendly, at-home experience for locals and expats alike. I like that they have specials celebrations for Aussie and Pommy sports events.
I MAKE sure I eat and drink at Goodies each time I visit Batam. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, the menu is extensive, the food is always good, the servings are very generous and represent great value for money, the drinks are reasonably priced, the staff is friendly and there's always a good crowd of people to share a meal or drink with. Looking forward to enjoying an even better facility when the new extension opens!
THE VARIETY of good food has grown over the years and Goodies remains one of the better to best places to dine at. Recently, I had a beef burrito, not many of those in Batam, and it was excellent.and I was pleasantly surprised to see it was a double burrito. Goodies has good value for money for food. And, besides, they have some types of food not found elsewhere on the island. Goodies has a nice atmosphere and the service is excellent.
WE DISCOVERED Goodies quite by chance on Internet while looking for a reasonably priced place to stay in Batam, while on a trip from Singapore. We spent a very nice couple of days in one of their short-term apartments, very good value, and we were extremely happy to have Goodies and the pool just next door. Ideal with our young daughter. As vegetarians, we didn't try the whole range of food but the vegetarian pizzas were excellent, service was very friendly and relaxed. We especially liked the open restaurant on the pool, both ethnic looking and comfortable and clean. Quite a unique family feel in Batam. Excellent place to spend a couple of days exploring Batam.
Good value for money.